The concept of Wolfie Diamond

The concept and the idea for this website are to create a platform for women to express themselves. There are many types of platforms out there for women to write about their experiences, their journeys, frustrations, hopes, and dreams. There is a platform for every story.

My future hopes for the platform of Wolfie Diamond are to create a safe place for women to write about their stories or journeys in life. We all have life stories. Some stories we want to keep a secret and some stories we need to tell. The stories should be told voluntarily and with a purpose. As women, we hold great secrets and knowledge in our souls – by opening for these stories we can help other women by letting them know that they are not alone with their thoughts, guilt, shame, frustrations, heartache, grief, pain, loneliness or fear. I believe that we need to use the bonds and our common stories to make each other stronger.

I don’t have a degree in mental or psychical health. The subjects I write about and the subjects any of my guest bloggers write about are based on mine or their life experiences. It’s not mine or my guest bloggers job to tell or coach how other people should live their lives or what choices they should make to improve their current situation. This platform is purely meant as a place to share stories for women told by other women. I believe that we need to reconnect as women. The strongest message we can send to this world is that we believe in and support each other as women. I believe that the future of this world is based on that message.


The reason for this blog

A few years ago, I broke down and went into a spiral of depression and anxiety which almost sent me to my grave. When I emerged on the other side of the break down, I decided that it was time for me to tell my story to other women. My blog is meant to be an encouragement to other women. Find your voice. See your own potential – don’t wait for others to discover you. Don’t wait. Deep in your heart you know what you are able to create. I felt very alone going through what I did and I have often felt alone in my life even with people around me. I found comfort in stories by other women in similar situations as myself. I feel a calling in doing the same thing.

My journey has only just begun and is far from over. It’s a journey of hope, dreams, fear, happiness, shame, truths and so much more which you can read about on my blog.

I have many dreams which I believe deserve to come true.  An ongoing journey with stories to be told.

Dream big and never ever give up!

Wolfie Diamond