A poet with a cause – a collection of poetry

The poetry below is from my new poetry collection; A poet with a cause. Written from the heart and by a Diamond in the rough.


Let go. Let me go. The deep surrounding me is no more. I hold on no more. I am naked and not embarrassed by what I see. The light is strong. The song is soothing. I build no borders. I find no borders. Washed away from my mind and from my soul. I touch my heart. I float. I feel the air on my skin like a soft hand.

My broken soul is broken no more.

Fly. Fly high. Touching the ground only when I have to. Never losing my grip of life. I float. I fly across washed away borders to the beating of my heart and to the voice of my soul. It whispers sweet intuitions in my mind. Calm. Peaceful.
I let go. I float with my unbroken soul.

I fly with my heart and embrace the wild in me.

The age of the woman

Empowered goddess. Stand tall. Your soul is calling for you. You have been living in a subconscious state of fear for too long.

You have been hibernating under layers of rules written by others determining your life and the true journey of your soul. Break the rules.

You have been broken down to break free. No one can take that away from you. Behind the fog of fear, you will see the truth. Break free of your subconscious and trivial state of mind. Break the fear.

Stop the pleasing. Stop the torment of your souls true meaning. Stop fighting yourself. Stop now.
Don’t close your eyes. Don´t fade. The time is now. You can´t get any closer than this.

Scream if you have to. Howl from the very core of your soul. The wild in you will set you free. For the woman you are. A warrior of your own spirit.

You won’t break. You won’t fall. I promise.


Poetry for women

How far can we go? Do we have limits like they tell us we have?

The forceful interior – the fragile exterior. Sensitive beings with acquired naivety and bottled up dreams of something else.
Something deeper, something meaningful, something beautiful, something stronger – something more than plain survival.

Hearts that beat to the rhythm of a song played a thousand times for a thousand years. A song facing the night sky – screaming silently for help.

The song might be fading but it will never stop.

Listen. Listen! Listen to that song. Hang on to it’s every word – if you need to be saved – it will save you. If you need to be uplifted it will uplift you. If you need to stand up for yourself – it will stand with you.

Forever you are you. Dig deep if you are not sure that you are you. Never doubt – never lose to the exterior songs – never wait too long, never ever give up.

Sing. Sing! Sing your song and stand tall. Hold my hand and sing your song.


On being imperfect

I have met many perfect people in my life – they were not very interesting. Their polished surface stuck to me like a fake tattoo I was happy to rub their personalities off me when I was done talking to them.

The imperfect is always perfect. When you notice imperfections in someone else you reveal the imperfections within yourself. Imperfection is beautiful. Imperfection is the true surface which will show itself eventually – whether you like it or not.

Be proud of your imperfections – they make up the real and interesting parts of you


Bring me closer – make me stronger.

My heart beats for this world. I’m no longer blind, I no longer drift. I touch the ground with my feet.

I touch my heart with love. I have closed the door to my past and is choosing the door to my future. I hesitate but I know. We all know our path in life. Hold your ground – be kind but firm. Don’t be hard on yourself or others.

They are not you and you are not them. Don’t try to set back the clock – that will only disapoint you. Time is the present so spend it wisely. Bring me closer – make me stronger. Please untie me from the past. Bring me closer to the present – make me stronger with my heart.


Before I go to bed

When the sun is setting and the sky turns yellow, red and bright. I lay my head on my pillow and dream of love and hope and all things nice.

Let the colours of the sun shine in my heart and forever touch my soul and let the power of the moon make my body and mind whole.

I give myself a kiss goodnight – close my eyes and sleep tight.


A riot against believing

A riot. Not an act of a rebel in distress. No, it’s simply a riot against what I no longer believe in.

I don’t believe in breakfast before 7 am. It only makes me hungry again at 10 am.

I don’t believe in mainstream fashionistas. I don’t like their style.

I don’t believe in heartbreak. It’s not your heart that breaks – it’s your faith in others.

I don’t believe in bank accounts. They always show the wrong amount at the end of the month.

I don’t believe in agendas. They are only made to confuse you.

I don’t believe in religion. Unless your religion truly makes you happy.

I don’t believe in untold stories. All stories have been told at one point – otherwise, they would not be stories.

I don’t believe in men in suits. They are always trying to sell you something useless.

I don’t believe in fear. I just don’t.

Not believing has made me raw. Not in a badass kind of way. I’m raw because my surface is thinner. What you see is 99% of what you get. Not the whole deal but a good deal.

Give or take – I choose to take. I choose to believe in me.

Believing in me has always been a riot. That’s why a riot would be a piece of cake.

I don’t believe in self-made riots. No more. The battle is lost. No victory. No glory. Just me.